During an implementation we encountered issues where the AOS of AX2012 (CU3) was consuming a lot of memory. At first we thought the machines needed more memory. The extra memory was consumed as well and no memory was released. Not even when user logged out of the system. Investigation was very frustrating…

Only with a restart of the AOS the memory was released again. By accident we found out that during validation and posting of large general journals the memory was rapidly growing. When the posting job finished only half of the memory was released. So we put effort on posting more large journals and see what happened. The conclusion was clear. This must be the source, but we didn’t know if it was caused by customizations, add-on or standard AX. The only hotfix or knowledge base article on memory consumption was included in CU3, so Partnersource could not help us.

When talking with other people I noticed that more customers are having this issue, but were also clueless. These installations did not have the add-ons or customization this customer was using.

With the help of Microsoft Support we got a kernel hotfix to install. We got the link to the download and did some new tests. It appeared to be the solution! The hotfix was already released and known on Partnersource, but the description on KB2800904 is:

“Lost focus when using arrow keys to correct entry in “name” field of vendor list”

Well… this title did not trigger us to ask for this hotfix, or is my English so bad?  So if you encounter problems on the AOS where memory use is growing and leads to an instable system, my advice is to check your Kernel version of the AOS and clients. If the version is lower than 6.0.1108.3529 consider installing this hotfix on AOS and clients. Be sure that you first test in a separate environment and be sure backups are made and available.

Good luck!

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  1. Steve Schwalen
    Steve Schwalen says:

    New implementation of AX. Just finishing load of data in production server.
    Sql server shut down in middle of night twice.
    Message was:
    “Cache data was lost due to an unexpected power off or reboot during a write operation, but the adpater has recovered. This could be due to a temporary memory problem, bad battery, or you lmay not have a battery installed.”
    Had to manually restart OS.
    Could this symptom have memory leak as cause?

    • André Arnaud de Calavon
      André Arnaud de Calavon says:

      Hi Steve,

      This post was about a memory problem in the AX AOS server. I understand that your SQL server shuts down. A quick search on the internet gives the idea that it is more related to RAID controller and some settings related to a battery.
      If you search on “Cache data was lost due to an unexpected power off or reboot during a write operation” you get results with help on e.g. Dell and IBM servers.


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