Today Microsoft released a new cumulative update for Microsoft Dynamics AX2012 R2, named Cumulative Update 6 (KB2850972). The version number of this release is 6.2.1000.1437.

Within this update hotfixes are included as well as some new or enhanced features. Also the prior CU is included. There was an additional focus within the next areas:

•              PO Invoicing Prepayments

•              SEPA

•              Add positive pay file generation capabilites to AP

•              Capable to Promise and Event Kanbans

•              Traceability (Mfg.)

•              Product Configuration:  Expression Editor and Calculations

•              Purchase Inquiry

•              EEO4 and EEO5 (HCM)

•              New Hire Preparation Report

•              Mass Benefit Expiration

•              Ability to install a subset of a the Cumulative Update

•              Impact Analysis

You can get the update here (partnersource or customersource login required). You can find more information about above topics on this page and a warning to read the installation documentation carefully…

Install a subset

Within this post I want to provide some information about the improved cumulative update installation.

When you run the setup, within a few steps you will see a new page where you can (de)select separate updates (fixes/enhancements).


When you disable an update, setup will provide you the information if other hotfixes are related and should be disabled as well. These relations are inseparable, so it is not possible to deselect a related hotfix without disabling them all. Also when enabling a feature, a warning with related fixes are shown.

Install subset of Cumulative update (AX2012R2)

With this enhancement I think it is useful to install only some updates when you have an environment with multiple customizations. The impact is then limited and you can provide easy from some e.g. performance enhancements.

You can have a view on country/region related updates. I would recommend to install the complete set of updates when possible. You don’t know in front if you would need this update as well.

If you are performing a slipstream installation including this cumulative update, you have to install the complete set.

That’s all for now. Till next time!

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