Last week I wrote my first article about the mobile apps. You can find the post here.
This week I will explain about the language being used within these Apps. It will be a short story this week.

I wanted to share this information because there is a difference if the App is in Connected or in Demonstration mode.

Connected mode

When the App is in connected mode, the language presented to the user, is the language as setup in the user options, like shown in the next form.


If you setup another language, the user will have this language within their App.

Demonstration mode

More interesting is how to switch the language when the App is in Demonstration mode. At first I was confronted with only the Dutch language. I had to present it in English, so I searched for settings, but nothing within the App itself. I even searched the Windows Store for perhaps other language variants.

This is how my Timesheet app looked in Dutch.


So how to change the language? The answer is in the Language settings of Windows itself. You can change the language preferences and the App will follow this setting if it is supported within the App itself. S in my case I hade to add the English language and move this language up as shown below.



When changed the language and restarted the App, it showed the English language and I could do my presentation.


That’s all for now. Till next time!

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