Recently I took a look at the Test Data Transfer Tool (beta) for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012. There is quite good information available to get started with the tool. E.g. information on TechNet is available. A link to the set of documentation is included at the end of this post.

Within the documentation there are some limitations mentioned which gives you some warnings when and how to use this tool.

I was thinking about using this tool to transfer the data from a new set of tables towards another environment. So I installed the tool and played around before doing my exercise. When you want to export only a set of tables, you have to exclude all others. On TechNet the documentation tells you how to exclude tables and sets of tables by using wildcards. For including only some tables the documentation is clear how to include table per table.


So what to do if I want to export all Work center related tables? Do I have to specify them all? On this topic there is a lack on documentation.

Within the documentation a next sample was given to specify one or more tables:

// Match all tables except InventTable and DocuRef

The next expressions can be used for the exclusions or inclusions (source: Technet)

Expression syntax


. Match any single character.
* Match the previous expression zero or more times.
(?<! subexpression) Prevent a match if the end of the previously matched content matches the subexpression. This expression is known as a zero-width negative lookbehind assertion.
^ Match the start of the string.

With this information I puzzled around and tried succesfully the next syntax:

// Match all tables except tables starting with “WrkCtr”

So it is possible to use wildcards within Include syntaxes. Using the DP.exe in a command prompt gave the correct result; only the tables starting with WrkCtr were exported to the specified directory.

If you want to include all tables containing “workflow”, you can leave the caret (^) character out of the syntax. Then all tables e.g. starting with Workflow and SysWorkflow will be included:

// Match all tables except tables containing “Workflow”

With this information you will be more agile in specifying the lists for exclude or include tables by using the Test Data Transfer Tool (beta) for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012.

Technet link:

That’s all for now. Till next time!