I’m working on a project where we installed the latest cumulative update (CU7) recently. They went live with more than 250 people who have to manage their project timesheets. By checking the report Named User License Count we found out that all users, managers or time writers were counted as enterprise users.

The most people do only have two roles in this company: Project timesheet user and the System user which is granted out of the box. These roles were not modified, so the expected result was to have these users counted as task users. By using the Security Development Tool I found out that the System User role was causing this issue.


A new menu item has been introduced in AX2012 R2 CU7 which has the UserLicense set to Enterprise. This menu item is causing the System user role counted as Enterprise instead of Self Serve. So this issue is only applicable to CU7 installations.


Lifecycle Services

This issue has been submitted for investigation as a request for a hotfix. The hotfix has not yet been released, but you are able to track the progress through the Lifecycle Services (LCS) portal. Through the Issue Search utility within LCS you will be able to monitor progress of the bug investigation, download the fix if it is released, view affected objects and more.

If you are unfamiliar with LCS, review the blog for Using Lifecycle Services to Download Hotfixes.  This issue is currently being tracked as bug 920873.  You can do a search for this in LCS using the Issue Search tool to review the current status.  Note if you have a project created already, you may just click here to be taken directly to the bug. Clicking on the Add to watchlist button for any in-progress issue will let you easily see updates to the status of your issue.

UPDATE: The fix has been released.

That’s all for now. Till next time!

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