Over the time I have seen some people struggling in debugging their AX 2012 system. Common scenario is that they put a breakpoint on a certain method, but it did not hold while executing the logic. This post will aware people of the option to turn off CIL operations for debugging purposes.

In cases where you need to debug X++ code in Interpreted mode, you can turn off the parameter Execute business operations in CIL. You can find this option in the development workspace.

Tools > Options > Development > General > Execute business operations in CIL


Now even when the code is normally compiled to run as .NET Framework CIL, you can use the AX debugger. Very handy when you have to make multiple changes and you don’t want to rely on the CIL compilation first or debug using Microsoft Visual Studio debugger.

To find some more information and constraints on this topic visit this page: Debug in Interpreted Mode Your X++ Code that Runs as .NET CIL [AX 2012]

That’s all for now. Till next time!

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