Recently I spent two posts on installing the Warehouse Mobile Devices Portal. In this post I will tell you some things worth knowing about removing one or more instances from your server. This would be applicable if you want to move some of the instances to another server.

Well, directly to the point: To remove an instance, you will have to start the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 setup. When you arrive at the step to choose between adding and removing component, you have to choose Remove components and continue.


On the next step you need to mark the checkbox in front of Warehouse Mobile Devices Portal.


Then you will get a next step to choose which instance of the Portal should be deleted. It is only possible to remove one instance at a time. In this step we only have an instance number available to choose.


Now I want to have a look back at my previous post. There is no description or other information to see which instance we are really going to remove. In my previous post about the Mobile Devices, I explained that I would like to keep the instance number in the Website name within Internet Information Server.


I would like to remove the instance connected to the Mexican company, so I know I have to remove instance 02 now. So this is the answer on the little quiz. So we can select this instance and continue with the uninstall procedure. On the summary page we only have to confirm by clicking the Remove button.


When the setup has finished the Warehouse Mobile Devices Portal has been uninstalled and is not available anymore to connect from.

There is more…

The uninstall procedure does not remove everything. If you had custom application files in the content folder, these files will not be deleted.


You will have to remove the files and directory manually to clean up the instance entirely.

That’s all for now. Till next time!

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  1. shweta
    shweta says:

    Hi Andre,
    I am studying new WAX and TRAX modules in R3, came across a blog where we can use only TRAX module independent of WAX module. I tried to follow the same setup but the sales lines are not created in Load planning workbench when the ‘Use warehouse management process’ is unchecked for warehouse. Could you please guide me how to achieve this. I basically want to work on TRAX module independent of WAX module.


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