Management reporter 2012 CU11

Microsoft released Cumulative update 11 for Management Reporter yesterday. This time I was waiting on this release for a reason. At a customer with a large number of companies and chart of accounts we encountered some problems with database growth where the disks were running out of space. This release seems to have the problem with the extreme database growth fixed.

Dynamics AX enhancements

With this release Microsoft Dynamics continues improving the Management Reporter. There are some enhanced features named in an update on the Microsoft Financial Reporting blog. Some fixes related to Microsoft Dynamics AX are not listed on this blog. These are:

  • Users are now removed from Management Reporter when they are excluded from a security role in Microsoft Dynamics AX
  • Active Directory groups in Microsoft Dynamics AX are included in the Management Reporter data mart
  • Performance issues and data base growth when having a large number of companies in a partition

Today we applied Cumulative Update 11 at a customer and recreated the ERP integration with a new datamart database. As expected the initial load of the datamart database was a lot quicker and the database size remains stable at a normal size.

You can find cumulative update 11 on Partnersource and Customersource:

That’s all for now. Till next time!

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