After working some months in my spare time it is now the moment to release my first book related to Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012: “AXploring Dynamics AX 2012: Merging global address book records”. The book will explore details related to merging global address book records and managing duplicates. Functional tips are provided and also workarounds when the merge is not supported. The book will also inform about possible issues (also performance) and how to solve or prevent them.

The contents of this book

Book cover - Merging global address book records smallThe global address book in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 is an entity where party records are stored. The party records are shared and contains information about all organizations and contacts in your Microsoft Dynamics AX environment. Due to large number of parties it might be indivertible to have duplicate parties or parties with similar names. Probably having duplicate records is desired for several reasons.

The Merge feature for global address book records in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 will help you joining the duplicates. This book will explain this feature and many related tasks. While reading the book you may discover some useful tips. Some of the tips can also be applied to other parts of the application in a similar way. The book will also describe the exceptions when you can’t merge global address book records. When possible, the workaround is also provided.

In addition a deep dive has been performed to do some troubleshooting on (possible) performance problems and how to solve or prevent them when you use the merge feature. This is based on experiences at customers with common use of the application, but also scenarios with huge number of records in various tables.

The book is intended for both functional and technical persons. The functional and technical parts are described in such a way that it would be understandable even if you do not have the appropriate skills.

Why this book?

I was playing for some time with the idea of writing a book. After investigating and solving a performance issue related to merging of global address book records, I got the idea to take a deep dive in a certain area and write down all related information, functionally and technically where possible. Also thanks to Murray Fife I really started as he helped me how to start. As you might know Murray is an author of many Microsoft Dynamics AX related books.

I really wonder if there is interest in this kind of books. The feedback I got from the reviewers was awesome. They liked the content and convinced me to really continue publishing the book. I want to thank Murray Fife, Tommy Skaue and Dick Wenning for their time to read the contents and provide positive feedback. The best feedback I heard is that even they learned new tricks. When you enjoy the book, there might be more to write in future…

Where to get it?

The book is available on CreateSpace eStore and Amazon. I’m working on some other sales channels as well. You can choose between a paperback and a kindle edition, or both. Note that I’m currently trying to link the hard copy and kindle edition on Amazon to be able to offer a promotion if you buy both. Beside the below links, you might also check your local Amazon webstore. Prices could match your local currency then.

Links: (paperback only) (paperback) (kindle edition)

That’s all for now. Till next time!

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  1. Carlos Simó
    Carlos Simó says:

    Hi André,
    Congrats for your first book. I’m a follower from Murray and you and it’s a good idea can download a free versión in Amazon for limited time (1 or 2 days) and share this option with your contacts (Murray did it in the past).

    Kind regards,
    Carlos Simó.

  2. Arun Garg
    Arun Garg says:


    Andre Congrats for your first book and Hopefully in future you will also release more books.



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