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A lot of investments had been done by Microsoft to get a new attractive user interface for Microsoft Dynamics AX using modern browsers. As there is no native client, also the personalization options are reconsidered. In previous previews there was an option to change the theme colors and a setting to display more or less information which actually manages a kind of zooming. With the latest preview (CTP8) there is a new way of applying personalizations. In this part I will explain some basic user options. Part 2 will inform you about form personalizations.


In older versions of Microsoft Dynamics AX there was an User options form where settings per user could be setup. This form contained a lot of technical settings. As the development environment has been moved to Visual Studio, the form is now more simple to understand. Also there is a cool feature to select your own coloring theme.

Note that this is currently a preview of Microsoft Dynamics AX. Functionality might change when the product reaches the official release.

You can find the User options using the Configuration button and then click Options. These options are settings per user.

On the tab Personalization, there are various settings. You can change a color theme by selecting a color. It will change the behavior direct as you can see in the following screen shots.

The form is now following the selected color theme.

Personal I do think a lot of women would love to use purple or pink. To show you how this will look, have a look at Microsoft Dynamics AX in the “Hello Kitty” theme. 🙂

Another setting is to control how much content is displayed in your browser. If you need more data on the screen, select the grid with more boxes. The font size, but also spacing is then adjusted.

The next picture is a combination of two screenshots where you can see the difference between less and more content.

There is more…

You can change the contents of the default start page to show e.g. the employee self service content instead of the default dashboard which will show available workspaces. 

On the Language and region tab you can select settings related to the language and time zone. You can also select how the date, time and number format will be presented in the browser. This is now following your personal setting rather than taking the date/time format setup in the operating system.

I do hope you liked this post and will add value for you in your daily work as a professional. If you have related questions or feedback, don’t hesitate to use the Comment feature below.

That’s all for now. Till next time!

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  1. Manikandan
    Manikandan says:

    How to create Tiles in workspace with count ?

    I have tried the way they have shared in AX wiki page but it is not working.

    Steps i followed:
    I have created a query and attached it in a menu item,then created a Tile and attached the menu item to tile and changed the tile display property as count but system is not refreshing the count by default it is coming as zero.

    If any one knows the steps please help me

    • André Arnaud de Calavon
      André Arnaud de Calavon says:

      Hi Manikandan,

      The topic of this post was related to personalization. You are trying to add a tile using development. Next to the documentation you can have a look at how standard AX tiles were created with a count. If you then still have the question, you can ask a question on a Microsoft Dynamics AX forum.

  2. Vishal Jevtani
    Vishal Jevtani says:

    How can we control the option we have for ‘number of digits after decimal’ in operating system regional settings in ax7? .


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