The new Personalization options – part 2

Form personalization

A lot of investments had been done by Microsoft to get a new attractive user interface for Microsoft Dynamics AX using modern browsers. As there is no native client, also the personalization options are reconsidered. In previous previews there was an option to change the theme colors and a setting to display more or less information which actually manages a kind of zooming. With the latest preview (CTP8) there is a new way of doing form personalizations. In part 1 I explained some basic user options. In this second episode I will inform you about form personalizations.

Form personalization

In earlier versions of Microsoft Dynamics AX you could simply hide and show fields using the context menu or open a personalization form to maintain more properties like the label. In the new Microsoft Dynamics Ax there is also an option to do field personalization. I will start with the Global address book details form.

Note that this is currently a preview of Microsoft Dynamics AX. Functionality might change when the product reaches the official release.

Suppose you want to hide the MEMO field. To do this, you can right click the field and a popup menu will show up. Click Personalize: {field name}.

Now you get a dialog where you can change the behavior of this field with the next options: Change label, Hide, Include in FastTab summary, Skip in Tab key sequence, Don’t edit. In addition you can move a control. You can also clear the personalization.

To hide the control, enable the field Hide.

The form will be adjusted directly. With the Esc button you can close the personalization dialog.

When you want to move fields, you can use the options Move left and Move right. Move left, on the details form means that it will be placed above the previous control. Columns in a grid will indeed move to the left. You can click the move buttons multiple times to get the field on the desired position. The dialog will move with the control.

There is more…

On the OPTIONS menu tab there is a section called Personalize. You can toggle to show hidden fields or hide them again. Also you can clear the form personalization. With the Export button you can save the current configuration.

When you choose to Export, an xml file will be created with the detailed settings. You can then download this file and save it on your computer. The purpose of the export is to be able to move this personalization to other users or save a couple of favorite layouts to be imported when you need to have a certain layout for specific tasks using the same form.

The OPTIONS menu tab is not always directly visible. If there not enough place on the form you can find more menu tab pages when clicking the ellipsis button. In my scenario I had used a screen resolution of about 1200 pixels. When you have e.g. 1920 pixels, the buttons are directly visible.

I do hope you liked this post and will add value for you in your daily work as a professional. If you have related questions or feedback, don’t hesitate to use the Comment feature below.

That’s all for now. Till next time!

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