If you want to know the size of a single company in Microsoft Dynamics AX or which tables consumes the largest space in the database, we were used to run the Size of company accounts report. Initially you cannot find this report in the menu structure of the new cloud version of Microsoft Dynamics AX. This post will tell you how you can run this report and how to find or run reports using AX URL parameters.

Size of company accounts report

Within a new implementation of Microsoft Dynamics AX, I searched the Size of company accounts report to find out for which tables were used to create data packages. Initially browsing the menu and using the search did not return an option to run this report.

Then I checked if the report was still available in the Object Explorer in Visual Studio. It appeared that the report is present, also the related menu item. So it would be very easy to add the report in the menu. As this is a customization which I wanted to prevent I have searched for another option to run this report.

There is a pre-requisite to be able to run the report without adding it to the menu. How can you use the URL parameters? Here I wasted a lot of time. In the end I found out by digging into AX coding in Visual Studio. By now, you can use a blog from Volker Deuss to learn about the URL parameters for Microsoft Dynamics AX. However, related to starting the reports, the text is not completely correct. On his blog, Volker mentioned: “Use output%3AReportName to run a report directly.” The ReportName is not correct. This should be interpreted as Output menu item name. In most cases the menu item name is exactly the same as the report name, but there are exceptions. Also note that %3A is an encoded character for ‘:’.

To run the Size of company accounts report you have to enter the next URL: https://[Your Dynamics AX URL]/?cmp=USMF&mi=Output:SysCompanySize. The report dialog will be presented.

When you click the OK button the report will start to render and the result is printed:


There is more…

Actually the URL is working with the next parameters in the URL for menu items:

Display menu items &mi=display:menuitemname
Output menu items &mi=output:menuitemname
Action menu items &mi=action:menuitemname

As display is the default menu item type for the URLs this is not required to use the keyword display when using display type menu items.

If you look at the documentation of the Size of company accounts report, you will also find information about the menu item name. If you search TechNet for other reports, you will find similar information. As AX7 might be different on some points, the documentation for AX2012 is not always the right source to get information about menu items for the reports. If you want to know for sure if a report is still available, you have to look within Visual Studio. Then you can check if the report is still present and if a menu item is available. If you don’t have the skills you can ask a developer.

If you would like to have the report available in the System administration menu, you can also make a small customization by extending the menu.

That’s all for now. Till next time!

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  1. Adrian Lawrence
    Adrian Lawrence says:

    Thanks for this article “Also note that %3A is an encoded character for ‘:’.” I spent ages messing around until I realised that the issue was a special character


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