It’s been a while since I posted a blog post. I have been extremely busy and had barely time to sit down and finish some posts. During my work I collected some experiences and made some drafts, so I will be publishing some more blog posts, for sure. One of the things that took some time from me was testing platform update 11 before it could be released. This platform update was released October 6, 2017 and mainly has some technical improvements. The majority is related to support more options for extending the application to prevent overlayering. One new item is a functional improvement: a Document count indicator.

Document count indicator

In the earlier days of Microsoft Dynamics AX, there was a small indication if a record did contain attachments (notes, files, etcetera). The document button was highlighted or was a bit sunken. This pattern didn’t fit in the user experience of Dynamics 365 and was not implemented. Now in the latest platform update 11 there is a new document count indicator which will show you the presence of documents.

When you now open e.g. the vendor list page, per record, you can see the number of documents attached to it.

Document count indicator

The count of document is a good addition, in my opinion. Now you can see if there are attachments, but also the number. Somehow, this experience makes me think of a web shop basket :). When adding a new attachment, this count will increase accordingly, showing then a new count:

Document count indicatorWhen there are over 9 documents, the count will show only’ 9+’ as e.g. ‘325’ would consume too much space. Of course it makes sense, but hovering the button will still show ‘9+’ where there is space enough to display the real count. Personally, I do think the real count would give more value to this feature. For now, I’m confident this feature will satisfy the need from many customers.

Document count indicator

There is more…

When you want to learn more about platform update 11, you can visit the page What’s new or changed in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Enterprise edition platform update 11 (October 2017).

That’s all for now. Till next time!

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