Password expiration

In this post, I will share a video how you can change the local password policy, so you don’t have to change the password when it will be expired. Probably, you are aware of the option to change the password policy in Microsoft Windows. If not, this is a learning for you.

Password expiration

By default, the Microsoft Dynamics VMs are setup with a password policy which expires every 6 weeks. When you use a local VM, it might be expired already before you started to use it. Usually, it is a good practice to regularly change your password which makes it more difficult for hackers or other malicious persons to abuse your account. In the case, you are used to logon on the environment using the predefined credentials, you might want to extend the password expiration period or turn the expiration off.

You can watch the video below how to do this on a Windows Server machine. When switched off, you can continue to use the password which is known to you.

Note that environments running in the cloud might be more secure when you change the passwords regularly. Usually, I only use this option on a local running VM only.

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