Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance do offer specific features for the public sector. To be able to learn or demonstrate the features, the standard demo set with Contoso Entertainment companies is not helpful. These companies don’t have specific settings where the public sector features are correctly setup. In this post, I will explain where you can find the demo data with the City of Maple and Maple City Council companies.

Public sector business processes

The public sector has requirements for additional functionality related to budgeting, accounts receivable, accounts payable and purchasing. Microsoft Dynamics offers specific features to fulfill the regulations and reporting requirements. You can learn about all supported business processes starting on the Public sector home page on Microsoft Docs.

To be able to use the Public sector processes, you have to enable a configuration key on the License configuration form. To be able to change it, your environment needs to be in maintenance mode.

public sector demo data

Demonstration Data Public sector

In Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, you could find the demo data in a separate partition. The partition concept has been deprecated in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance. Now To get the demo data, you have to deploy an environment and choose a demo set, similar to what I described in an earlier blog post about getting an empty database.

New here will be the exact procedure to deploy an environment including the Public sector demonstration data.

Go to your Lifecycle Services environment. Ensure you met the prerequisites for deploying a demo or devtest environment. Follow the procedure in this same document to deploy a demo environment. At step 7, you can open the Advanced settings.

public sector demo data

On the Customize SQL Database Configuration tab, you can specify the required database. Choose the Public sector option and click Done when you have reviewed the other settings.

public sector demo data

Then continue the procedure as described in the documentation. When the deployment is complete, you can login and use the demo data for the Public sector.

There is more…

The public sector features are available in the English and French languages. The functionality has not been localized for all countries.

If you want to learn more about the Public sector features, you can go to the learning section on Microsoft Docs. There is a comprehensive training available how to setup these features: Configure Dynamics 365 Finance for public sector.

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