About the private location security in Finance & Operations and Human Resources


For security and compliance reasons, you want to secure access to private addresses and contact information, like email addresses and phone numbers, of persons in your Microsoft Dynamics 365 environment. In this post, you can learn about a standard feature available in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations and Human Resources: Private location security.

Private location security

Already with the first release of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, a feature was introduced to be able to restrict the view of private contact details. You can manage which persons are able to interact with private details by selecting one or more roles in a setup form. In many scenarios it is about securing private details from workers in your application, but it could also be used to secure these details if you have private persons as customers.

In between, there is more attention to protect private details by laws and regulations around the world. One of the most familiar regulations is the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which primarily focusses on give control to EU citizens over their own personal data.  

This private location security feature is also supported in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations and Human Resources. In the video below, I will demonstrate the setup, the effect on users trying to access the information and some important prerequisites when you want to use these features in your environment.

eXtensible Data Security

The technology used for this private location security is based on eXtensible Data Security (XDS). This is one of the features out of the box which is using XDS. As addresses and contact details for multiple purposes are stored in the same tables, a data security policy is required to constrain access to records marked as private. If you want to learn more about this technology, you can also read my other blogs on XDS.

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