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When evaluating the PEAP version of Dynamics 365 Finance and Operation version 10.0.25, I found a nice improvement which is worth to mention. There will be a small new feature in the developer tools which will speed up the selection of models to be included in a build or as package reference.

Model selection

Previously when you wanted to build models on a development environment, you had to scroll a list with over 100 models to find yours and select them to be included. The same applies to selecting the models as model references when you created a new model or had to include additional references. Now, as of version 10.0.25 the development tools have a new feature to search and filter the list with models. This makes it much easier and quicker to find and select the models you need to include.

development tools productivity - build models


Previously typed searches will be available for additional assistance. It is not possible to use separators to find multiple models; it works with a single search value only. When you selected a model, it will kept as selection when you continue to search for other models. For that reason, the limitation for one keyword is not an issue at all.


The video below demostrates the new development tools productiviy feature.

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