Since June 19, the new Microsoft Dynamics community platform is live. It has a new look, but it is also now built on another platform. A huge effort was done to build the new site and convert the history and all accounts. Unfortunately, some users, including me experience some login issues. In this post, you will read more about the new platform and what to do if you experience some login issues.

New community site

Before the migration, Microsoft announced the planned maintenance with a link to a blog with more information.

The announcement is still accessible here: D365 Community Maintenance Coming June 16-19 – Dynamics Community Blog Post Details

When you now navigate to, you will experience the new site. Interesting to mention is that Microsoft used the Power Platform for building the new community site. The forum is running on Power Pages. Using this platform, it will give them the opportunity to bring more features and execute the developments much faster.

You can search for questions or start a new question. In my opinion, you can now quickly get to the correct forum. On the tab page Previous versions, forums for older Dynamics products are listed, like Dynamics AX, CRM, NAV, and GP.

When creating or answering questions, there is a new text editor which is directly having rich features for formatting the text and inserting a code snippet. Working with images and screenshots is easier than before. You can now just paste the image into the editor instead of saving a file, then uploading it to the forum. This is one of my favorite new features.

Access issues

Unfortunately, it looks like there is something wrong with the migration of the user accounts. The first time I wanted to log in, I got the next error.

I tried different browsers and even the InPrivate mode. I reached out to Microsoft to get this solved. I already understood that there are more members having this same issue. To get it solved for your account, you can log an incident via this link:

Updates to the platform

The new community site does not yet have all the features we had on the previous platform. A list with missing features and update plans can be found here: Known community website issues and Upcoming features on community website

The most annoying missing feature for me is the notifications. Currently, you should manually check if there is an update on your question, probably by navigating back to your question. Volunteers answering questions are lost. Next to missing notifications, there is currently no option to get the forum questions in order of the last activity date. When we provided an answer and don’t have a notification and no option to sort the forum on the last activity date, we would need to browse 20 or more pages with questions and check them all manually if there was a follow-up question. This is unwieldy and I don’t have the time to browse all questions again and again. I now decided to have some questions remain open. When checking the forum, I can then focus on the questions I participated in. I don’t have all questions open. When I participated in a question and you provide more information or a follow-up question, please send me a message via the contact page or LinkedIn as a notification. Don’t forget to provide the link to your question. Once the notifications are working, I trust we would be able to find the questions which need attention.

I do hope you liked this post and will add value for you in your daily work as a professional. If you have related questions or feedback, don’t hesitate to use the Comment feature below.

That’s all for now. Till next time!

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