Some weeks ago I wrote a post about the supported countries/regions and languages in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations. This post is having technical information how to create a new language. While reading this post, you will also get more background information about do’s and don’ts and you will learn more about my country like my previous post. Also, if you are not a developer, it would be an interesting read. Then just ignore the technical details you don’t understand.

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Within a few weeks we can expect the fall-release of Microsoft Dynamics AX. However, this version will get the product name Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations. This version will include some localizations for countries which weren’t released within the latest version before. You can read about which countries/languages are supported on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations Roadmap page. The detailed countries are listed on the Globalization & Translation section. A few countries are still on the roadmap to be fully supported in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations. Support for Russia and India are not included within the upcoming fall release. You have to depend on partners for Countries/languages which are not and will not be supported by Microsoft.   Read more