Setup demo users

Some years back, I did provide a blog post where you could change some settings on the Contoso demo users and login using the original credentials. Like many other things, there was a change done by Microsoft. As partners and customers, we were not allowed anymore to use the Azure AD credentials from Microsoft Contoso demo users. Microsoft on their turn provided a blog which guides you to reuse the users with credentials from your own Azure Active Directory. Every time I had to deploy a new environment, it took me some time to setup users which I wanted to use for demos or testing. I got the idea to solve this with a script using Microsoft Flow. In this post, I will tell about this and you may download and use it for your own environments.

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Microsoft Flow data correction

When using the cloud version of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, there are certain tasks which are a bit more cumbersome if you compare it with the freedom you have when running the application on-premise. When there was a need for data correction, we were used to quickly develop a job or class with x++ logic to repair data. In certain cases, we could deliver a list with identification numbers which was then used as looping to correct or delete only certain records. In this post I will explain how you can be more agile creating correction scripts using Microsoft Flow.
If you are not (yet) familiar with Microsoft Flow, you can still read this post to be able to apply similar actions on your future requirements.

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