Inventory transactions archive

In March 2021, Microsoft released a preview for the archival of inventory transactions. The feature is useful for customers having a lot of inventory transactions. To prevent having performance issues when querying inventory transactions or using them in calculations for summary, Microsoft now made the option to archive inventory transactions. I spent some time reading the documentation and trying out the solution. In this post, I will share my findings related to testing the feature and what exactly is happening under the hood.

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Excel to Purchase orders

In this post, I will share a Power Automate Flow example. This example is importing data from Microsoft Excel into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management. It has an example of how to import multiple purchase orders and lines. Besides, it has some logic and special field handling. The example is also shared as a download.

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Making mistakes is human. Some mistakes can be easily corrected; some will require additional attention. In this post, I share an option to correct the name of security objects created using the Security configuration options in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations.

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When you are working for a longer period with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and namely when you have experience with older versions, you will take things for granted. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is changing, and it is hard to stay updated of all changes. In this post, I will elaborate on some changes on the batch jobs in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. The new features will help you managing the batch jobs in your own environment. Apart from these new features, be aware of unexpected caveats. Life’s a batch…

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This download contains a Power Automate flow to import purchase orders into Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management from an Excel file. Both the Excel template and the Power Automate package are included in the download.

The example shows how to deal with grouping purchase orders per vendor, increase line numbers per order. The field mappings include mappings for date and decimal fields which do need formulas instead of a direct field mapping from Excel.

You can find a demo of the flow and technical explanation in the next post: Let your Operations Flow – Excel to Purchase orders example


Don’t forget to read the License.txt file before installing and using the software.