Re-awarded as Microsoft MVP

I have just received an email from Microsoft, stating that I have been re-awarded as Microsoft MVP on Business Applications for the year 2019-2020. I feel very honored to receive this award again.

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Hi there! I have decided to create an own website with blogs and related information on Microsoft Dynamics and the Power Platform. In this way, I can clearly separate my contributions to the Microsoft Dynamics community and my work.

I have copied all my posts I created in the past; also with the comments. I do have some more work to do. E.g. review tags, categories and link all images to my own new web-server. Also, I will evaluate what content would also be valuable on this site.

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This week the MVP Summit 2016 has taken place in Redmond/Bellevue. Although I have been awarded the fourth time as MVP, this was my second MVP summit. MVP’s from all over the world on all award categories are collaborating and attending technical settings. This year we had a record number of 18 (eighteen!) “AX MVP’s”. It was nice meeting all of them.

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