Development tools productivity

When evaluating the PEAP version of Dynamics 365 Finance and Operation version 10.0.25, I found a nice improvement which is worth to mention. There will be a small new feature in the developer tools which will speed up the selection of models to be included in a build or as package reference.

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Progress status chart

The Microsoft Dynamics team is continuously improving their solutions. We read a lot about new features from a functional perspective and some expected platform updates to unify and simplify the experiences of Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations with Dataverse and the Power Platform. Some investments, like the new grid control, saved views and a new HTML editor control, are announced in the release plans. One development extension is not announced, but appeared as preview in the options for form controls: the Progress status chart control. In this post you will find a video how you, as a developer, can use this control. You can also download the demo form to get started.

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while select statement

During my career, I have had to deal many times with performance issues. There are many different causes for this. It can be related to hardware, software, configuration and more. In this post, I will explain two scenarios where a while select statement caused performance issues and how to mitigate them.

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